Schlittschuhe vollautomatisch schleifen - Parduc A35

Grinding ice skates fully automatically - Parduc A35

Fully automatic grinding with the A35 from Parduc - revolution for ice hockey players and ice masters

The world of ice hockey is constantly changing. The equipment needed for peak performance must move with the times and support players and clubs. The Parduc A35 grinder represents a real innovation in this regard. It offers a fully automatic grinding solution to maximize performance on the ice while saving time and costs. This article is for ice hockey players, ice hockey clubs, teams and ice masters who are looking for the latest technology in the care of their skates.

Why is a good grinder essential in ice hockey?

Before we look at the details of the A35 grinder, it is important to understand why proper skate care is so crucial to on-ice performance. The quality of the grind affects the player's grip, speed and agility. Traditionally, skid grinding requires expertise and time - two resources that are often limited.

The introduction of a grinding machine like the A35, which works fully automatically, brings many advantages. It enables consistent and precise results, increasing players' confidence in their equipment. A machine that is easy to use also means that clubs and teams become independent of external specialist personnel.

The A35 from Parduc in detail

The A35 grinding machine is the result of innovative engineering and a deep understanding of the needs of ice hockey. The machine scores with fully automatic grinding, which makes it an attractive Sparx or Pro Sharp alternative.

Key features:

  • Fully automatic grinding cycle : Insert the skids, press the button and the A35 does the rest.
  • Customizable Grind Profiles : Allows players to fine-tune the profile to their individual playing style.
  • Fast and efficient : The skates are ready to play in a short time, which is particularly advantageous at tournaments.
  • Ease of use : The A35 is designed so that it can be operated by people without special prior knowledge.

The A35 represents a significant innovation that can have a positive impact on the performance and maintenance of hockey equipment.

Advantages for everyday life in ice hockey

  • Time Savings : Faster grinding means more time on the ice.
  • Cost Efficiency : Long-term savings by minimizing the need for skilled labor
  • Less dependency : Clubs and teams are less dependent on third-party providers.

Why the A35 is worth considering

If you are looking for a sander that offers precise, reliable and efficient sanding, then the A35 from Parduc is exactly what you are looking for. Whether you are responsible for a professional team, a local club or an ice arena, the A35 offers solutions that will satisfy both your players and your budget.


The Parduc A35 grinder is an option worth considering for anyone in the hockey world. With its fully automatic function, customizable grind profiles and ease of use, it represents a first-class alternative to current market leaders. For demanding ice hockey players who are always looking for ways to improve their game and for teams and clubs who are looking for more efficient ways to keep their equipment in top condition the A35 is a real asset.

Open a new chapter in equipment care and take your team's game to the next level with the A35 grinder.

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