Collection: re-blade

compact – clever – effective

A basic requirement for top performance on the ice are well-sharpened ice skates. A regular sanding service is therefore essential. However, the need in today's ice hockey goes beyond this offer. The time and location aspects play a particularly crucial role. In this sense, in specific cases it is often not possible to have your skates sharpened within a reasonable period of time. This circumstance calls for compact hand tools that fit into every hockey bag and can be used at short notice.

Since the effectiveness of the products currently available on the market is generally limited, the start-up “re-blade” has set itself the task of carrying out development work in this regard. The result is a completely new product, which is based on polishing stones from tool making, the classic “whetstone”. The great strength lies in the complete processing of the runner (including the hollow surface), which means that razor-sharp edges can be achieved in an unprecedented manner.