Swiss made

Made of anodized aluminum

Precision and durability


As a passionate ice hockey fan, you know that well-polished ice hockey skates are the key to success on the ice. A regular sanding service is therefore essential. But what if you don't have time to get your skates sharpened in time? That's exactly the problem we're solving with the re-blade. We've worked hard to develop a unique product that will help you sharpen your ice hockey skates quickly and effectively.

Our innovation is based on polishing stones from tool making, which give you the opportunity to precisely machine your runners, including the hollow surface. The result? Razor-sharp edges like you've never experienced before. With re-blade you have the perfect tool that fits in every hockey bag. Say goodbye to long waiting times for sharpening services and prepare for unsurpassed performance on the ice. Try the re-blade today and experience the difference.

Sharpening ice skates - with re-blade

compact – clever – effective


Full processing of the runner including the hollow surface

The unique hinge structure guarantees freedom of play during use and ensures ergonomic handling

The arrangement of the replaceable polishing stones enables precise and burr-free edge formation on the runner

Custom configuration – grind your desired radius




The helper in need

Every ice hockey player knows the problem: the sudden failure of the skate blades in the form of constant “slipping” on the ice due to edge damage during the game. In order to be able to counteract this problem within a reasonable time, you have to rely on hand tools to defuse it.

The grinding alternative

Until now, a lack of sanding was reason enough for a visit to the sanding service. In many cases, however, grinding on the machine would not be necessary at all, as the edges often do not show any serious damage and could be sharpened again with minimal material removal (polishing). Unfortunately, the right tool was still missing today. Now re-blade closes this gap. As the owner of this innovative tool, you will be able to massively reduce your expenses for the grinding service. The reduced material removal also has a positive effect on the lifespan of the runners. Furthermore, re-blade fits in every pocket and can therefore be used completely independent of time and place.

The finish tool

Conventional grinding of ice skates is always associated with an undesirable side effect, the formation of a grinding burr. The image below shows a freshly ground ice skate blade ("before") at 20x magnification and reveals this burr, in the form of a metal thread. It is essential to avoid tearing off this thread (e.g. by hand or through contact with ice), as a small part of the edge is always torn away, which means that the freshly ground runner is already “blinded” again. The grinding burr should therefore be professionally removed immediately after grinding.

The result

With re-blade you can remove unwanted grinding burrs in no time.

In addition, all functional surfaces on the runner are polished to a high gloss, which means that razor-sharp edges can be achieved in an unprecedented manner.

The increased surface quality compared to the ground surface also reduces the frictional resistance on the ice, which results in improved gliding properties.

The following picture shows this in an impressive way. The dark areas on the left and right visualize the polished areas with a correspondingly increased surface quality. The two edges are absolutely burr-free.