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Selecting a hockey stick for the individual player is a critical factor in on-ice performance. It's not just professionals like Austin Matthews of the Toronto Maple Leafs who know that having the right equipment is crucial to being able to fully exploit your potential. On this page you will find information about why personal adjustment/advice of the stick is so important and how it influences the quality of play.

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Important information

Ice hockey stick

Designs and variants - Which flex and which bend should I choose

  • Players need an adjusted flex to maximize shot power or to learn technique.
  • A distinction is made between the following game levels and flex: Youth/Beginner/Hockey School 20-30 Flex, Junior 30-50 Flex, Intermediate 60-65 Flex, Senior 70-120 Flex
  • The flex roughly corresponds to the body weight, but this feature alone is not enough to select the ice hockey stick
  • For example, if you play a flex that is too deep, you risk that your shots will be imprecise and the stick could break or lose its tension
  • The blade has a big influence on puck control
  • Beginners should choose simple bends such as the P29 shovel
  • As the flex changes, the circumference of the pole also changes

Stock: Top models vs. cheap alternatives

When comparing high-end ice hockey sticks with inexpensive models, the difference in material and workmanship is particularly evident.

  • Top models like those used by professionals are usually made of high-quality carbon fiber, which makes them extremely light yet durable. This feature promotes a fast style of play and precise shooting technique.
  • Cheaper models often consist of a mix of materials that can add additional weight and therefore have a significant impact on handling. Nevertheless, for hobby players and beginners, they offer a good balance between quality and price and can help develop basic skills without the need for a large investment.

Which stick should I choose for my skill level?

Choosing the right ice hockey stick depends heavily on your playing level.

  • Beginners and hobby players benefit from the cheaper models that offer solid quality at an affordable price. In this level of play, the basic techniques and understanding of the game are more important than the subtle differences that a professional model might bring
  • However, advanced players should consider investing in a quality stick to further develop their skills and refine their playing style. Investing in a quality stick can provide significant benefits in puck handling and shooting accuracy, which can make a difference in more intense games
  • What is important is that the stick fits both your playing style and your physical constitution and that you feel comfortable while playing.

In the MVP HOCKEY SHOP we are happy to provide personal advice tailored to the player.

Personal advice at MVP HOCKEY SHOP

When buying an ice hockey stick, competent advice is essential. In the MVP HOCKEY SHOP, customers receive comprehensive advice.

Our team at MVP HOCKEY SHOP understands that finding the perfect hockey stick is a personal matter. Therefore, we offer precise advice to ensure that every customer finds a stick that suits their individual playing style and physical requirements.

In a personal conversation, we will explain the advantages of the individual models and help you choose the right bend and flex of the pole.

Maintenance and care tips for ice hockey sticks

Regular maintenance and appropriate care of the ice hockey stick are crucial to extending its lifespan and ensuring consistent performance. Here are some basic hive care tips:

  • Drying: The pole should be dried thoroughly after each use to prevent damage from moisture.
  • Blade Protection: Tape can protect the blade from wear and tear and improve puck control.
  • Check for damage: Regular inspections for cracks or splinters in the material can provide early information about necessary repairs.
  • Storage: The hive should be stored in a cool, dry place to avoid deformation or weakening due to extreme temperatures or humidity.
  • Cleaning: Cleaning the surface of the stick with a soft cloth and mild detergent helps maintain the quality of the material.
  • Use and handling: If you hit your ice hockey stick with force against the boards or a hockey goal, you risk breaking the stick.

By following these care tips, every player can ensure that their stick stays in top condition and performs at its best every time they play.

Austin Mathews NHL

Austin Matthews, for example, prefers a flex of 85 and a P29 blade that allows him to shoot with precision on his wrist. This confirms the importance of the correct stick setup for a successful game.

Customer opinions

Satisfied customers report noticeable improvements in their game thanks to personally customized sticks. The positive feedback, especially with regard to adjusted flex and improved shooting techniques, speaks for itself.

By tailoring the ice hockey stick to a player's specific needs, comfort, precision and game performance can be significantly increased. When choosing a new stick, all of the above factors should be considered and ideally advised by an expert to get the best out of each player.