Aycane Shop Switzerland - Hockey protective clothing and fitness clothing

Boost your performance on and off the ice with AYCANE's revolutionary new collection of fitness and hockey apparel. The innovative underwear with cut protection inserts offers you ultimate comfort and protection while you perform at your best on the ice. With the hyper-elastic training clothing, you not only stay temperature-controlled, but also experience a freedom of movement that is second to none - and all in a trendy style. After training, treat yourself to some well-deserved rest in technically sophisticated and comfortable outfits so that you can start your next hockey adventure fit and strengthened.

Experience for yourself how the new AYCANE collection can change everything - for a level of performance that you have only ever dreamed of.



  • Absolute cutting edge technology

    The details are perfectly tailored to the hockey player, well thought out and intensively tested. I trust AYCANE.

Your body deserves the best underwear

AYCANE stands for sustainable innovations in high-performance sports: The products are not only top class, but also produced in an environmentally friendly manner. Athletes are given the tools to perform at their best, both on and off the rink. And with our versatile collection, you'll always be ready - whether during training or in everyday life. Do you want to change your game? Then trust in AYCANE.