Skate CCM Tacks AS-V Pro Senior 20.75148

Sale priceCHF 885.00

The new CCM Tacks AS-V Pro ice hockey skates are the perfect choice for power skaters looking to take their game to the next level. These skates feature a lightweight construction designed to provide excellent power transfer while providing a snug, anatomical fit. The 360 ​​degree fit in the forefoot, heel and ankle area helps eliminate negative space in the shoe and allows for efficient power transfer resulting in increased speed and agility. The brackets on the AS-V Pro Skates have been specially developed for lightning-fast iron replacement to ensure a consistent feel every time you use them. The holder also features a positive locking mechanism that secures the blade firmly in the holder and prevents the blade from coming loose during play. With these features and more, elite skaters can customize their performance level with the CCM Tacks AS-V Pro Senior Ice Hockey Skates - making them an essential addition to any serious player's arsenal
Size: 7

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