BLCK FRIDAY 2023 - Products with 30% discount

BLCK FRIDAY 2023 - Produkte mit 30% Rabatt

Price breaker products

are top CCM hockey products that have come onto the market in the last three years, but a successor model has already appeared. These products have been reduced by at least 35% and are net awarded.

At BF 2023 you can benefit from another 30% discount on these Netto products!

The entire product range covers all areas such as ice hockey sticks - ice hockey skates - ice hockey helmets - ice hockey shoulder protection - ice hockey pants and many other products.

30% discount when you purchase two (2) hockey sticks

Not much needs to be explained! When you buy two identical ice hockey sticks, we grant a discount of 30% on the net price - even on the latest models!

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