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Through foot scan - perfect fit in the skates

No, sore feet in skates are not an inevitable fate! No, it is not normal to suffer from foot pain, blisters, black nails or overheating while skating!

There are suitable solutions that can help . And the most effective of them is known as ' boot fitting '. Your objective can be easily described as follows: To offer your feet more comfort and performance , so that you can fully rely on them to indulge in your sporting activities without hindrance, be it skating, skiing, running, cycling or hiking .

How is boot fitting /shoe fitting defined, a technique that lies between material innovation and craftsmanship? What advantages does it offer? Where is it practiced? What is our task as Sidas Academy?

Discover all our answers in this article dedicated to boot fitting, the art of saying goodbye to foot pain by getting one unique and individual comfort solution makes use of.

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